Thermobimetal Strips

     Thermobimetal is a kind of composite material which consists of two or more layers and each layer is provided with a different expansion coefficient. The layer which possesses higher expansion coefficient is called the master layer. The layer which possesses lower expansion coefficient is called the passive layer. The layer between them is called buffer layer which acts as an adjusting resistance. Thermobimetal strip will be bended or turned because of their different expansion coefficients while the ambient temperature changes. Thermobimetal is mainly applied for manufacturing temperature sensing elements in automatic control equipments and instruments for temperature control, temperature compensation, current restriction and temperature indication.
Name Comparison of Alloys
 Soft Magnetic Alloys
 Permanent Magnetic Alloys
 Elastic Alloys
 Expansion Alloys
 Stainless Steel
 Thermobimetal Strips
 High Resistance Heating Alloys
 Soft Magnetic Cores
 Current Mutual Inductors
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